3/D Handprinted Lampshades V1.0

Hot-melt Adhesive (HMA)
150mm x 120mm,
220mm x 200mm

Rethinking 3/D printing, this set of lampshades was handprinted – where I was the printer, and a glue-gun and glue stick served as the mechanism and forming material.

Just like a 3/D printer, each lampshade was formed slowly and precisely layer by layer. But unlike a 3/D printed object that would always be churned out similar to one another, each lampshade varies from the previous one.

Using a glue-gun and glue stick ensured the affordability of this 3/D printing method. In addition, the forming material contributed to the aesthetics of the finished lampshades. The hot melt adhesive dries translucent, allowing light to diffuse through the lampshade, visually capturing the many layers that form it.