Kuti Kuti Vessels (2016)

Size ranges from 150mm x 150mm to 750mm x 750mm

This started out as a personal tribute to the country that I have mixed feelings about. Over time, as it grew to become something bigger and as it involved more people, it evolved into something more meaningful.

Singapore has transformed so much in it’s 50 years of independence. Progress was the vision of a few, but never possible without the masses. This collection of artefacts aims to capture this transformation and, more importantly, the individual pieces that have made it happen.

Using an iconic Singaporean toy of my childhood, and of my parents, I aimed to transform its form into something unexpected by manipulating its material properties. The result was a creation of 50 vessels of different sizes and colours made out of Kuti-kuti.

These individual pieces were melded into something that seemingly does not resemble what it was originally, but upon closer observation, one is able to make out the individual parts, that once was, that make up the whole vessel. The vessels are a representation of that which we as a country and people have become – we have grown and it symbolises our potential of holding more, doing more. It represents possibility.

The vessels were shown at an exhibition in Singapore – SAMASAMA – that focused on the achievements and dreams of migrant workers. A 51st, and largest, vessel was created together with some migrant workers to emphasise the possibility of what we can achieve together when given the right support.

Watch a video of all the 51 vessels here.

Solo exhibition : SAMASAMA