Mobile 15 (2014)

Stainless steel, Coffee filters & Coffee beans
500mm x 850mm x 700mm

Serving food and drink of different cultures found in Singapore, the kopitiam is recognised as a place where a mix of cultures and ethnicities come together to interact. For a drink stall, serving staple drinks such as coffee and tea brings people together – ‘over a cup of coffee’ as the saying goes.

Focusing on deconstructing the components of what makes a cup of coffee – the coffee beans and filter – this hanging sculpture is made from materials of these two items. Metal wires form the frame and the filters are shaped and stained with coffee beans to produce the hanging elements.

This sculpture conveys the intangibles that happen over a cup of coffee. Each element in this sculpture is connected to each other, representing what a simple drink catalyses – the interaction between people that eventually forms a network of them.

In Collaboration with Art Outreach & MBS Koufu for Art of Shopping 2014.