Remembering The Old National Stadium (2013)

A project from my NUS days, this was one that required working with the salvaged wood planks that we used to sit on from the Old National Stadium to create an object that encompassed something personal yet relatable. The artefact created was based on memories.

Pencils are a basic medium that we use to help us recall and remember. As such, using the wood to make charcoal pencils draws a strong connection between individual memories and of the common location. Each pencil depicts something uniquely personal and open ended when being used by someone.

The cases that keep these pencils were also made from the old wooden planks. The weathered surface of the wood was preserved while crafting this box, so that it seems as though these pencils, which contain intangible memories, were in there all along.

The stadium that once held our memories, now provides the medium to keep them.

Watch the making of these pencils here.